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The AARP is one of the biggest test facilities of its kind in the world. Driving multi-sector innovation and led by industry use, the AARP is a launchpad for developing robotics and automation capability in Australia and across the world.

Facilities include six large test beds available for short or long-term lease, collaborative projects, as well as multiple leasehold lots, and with development underway for a state of the art common user facility building.

Coming soon: AARP Headquarters

The common-user AARP Headquarters will be completed in 2024. The 1200sqm building features a flexible and adaptable design with co-working offices and meeting rooms, research and development space, showcasing areas, workshop facilities, laboratories, small-scale fabrication facilities, training rooms and a viewing mezzanine floor.

The largest automation and robotics testing site in Australia

The AARP is made up of  51 hectares of dedicated land enabling companies from around the world to run real-life simulations on large test beds, without impacting their current operations.

Multiple sites are available for real-world simulated testing including:

  • A 3ha site bound by a ringlock fence, with sandy flat terrain.
  • A 6ha site bound by sand bunding, providing the perfect space for testing.
  • A 1ha area designed as an urban streetscape, with a 4-way intersection, roundabout and sealed roadway for testing self-navigating vehicles, among other uses.
  • A 22ha small-scale replica of an operational mine.


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Fugro Local Operations Centre

A state-of-the-art Local Operations Centre (LOC) has been provided by global Geo-data company Fugro and will be housed at the AARP.

AARP users can access the LOC for their testing, demonstration and training activities in a real-world remote operations environment, supporting the growth of local innovation.

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Where innovation and collaboration meet: Push the boundaries of innovation in this 3ha (272m x 77m) test area with a customisable, gated area and access control and security for collaborative and commercial projects. Ideal for flexible and adaptable technology applications, including drone and smaller ground-going robotics.

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Developing the world’s largest robots and autonomous vehicles: Powering the future of heavy industry with a 6ha (272m x 170m) open area, with bunded perimeter for safe testing of heavy vehicles and large-scale equipment.

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Pioneering the future of mobility: Accelerate the pace of urban and light industrial mobility and safety, on this 1ha (40m x 120m) closed test track, with a 350m asphalt circuit ideal for testing and demonstrating autonomous passenger and light vehicles, and urban logistics systems and transport solutions. With potential for further extension and additional street features.


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Powering innovation for a sustainable future: Industry partners are invited to co-design and develop the build of this 6ha zone dedicated to testing and development of new energy systems to power heavy industries. Facilities and infrastructure will include a solar array installation and maintenance area and EV charging Infrastructure.


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Your Innovation Mine: Accelerate innovation in real-world conditions, without the obstacles of accessing a production environment, at this 22ha small-scale replica of a mine site. Industry partners are co-designing and developing this versatile space which suits testing and development of mining, construction, civil and earthworks innovations.

IMDEX, the AARP’s first industry partner, has built a common user Drill Pad, with further development opportunities for materials handling, load and haul activities and infrastructure. Contact us to help shape the Dirt Lab.

  • Drill Pad: Replica drill bench (25m x 50m) with rows of spaced vertical boreholes (collared and at a range of depths) with potential for custom configurations.

Load & Unload: Designated areas for autonomous circuits and loading and unloading haul trucks, with sufficient space and turning radius for small to ultra-class trucks. Easy access to plant and equipment, such as excavators, tipping trucks, and dozers; and storage areas for vehicles and equipment, with sufficient space for manoeuvring and maintaining equipment as needed.

  • Haul Road & Haul Ramp: To be developed with industry
  • Minor and major circuit with 30m wide dirt haul roads for two-way traffic, including ultra-class trucks.
  • Road gradient, surface, and drainage: A compacted road designed to handle various simulated conditions including 12% gradient, undulating terrain and excess dust to simulate real-life scenarios for ultra-class trucks.
  • Traffic flow and safety measures aligned with Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety guidelines: Site Safety procedures and protocols, with traffic rules and signage, lane demarcation, designated passing zones, and speed limits.


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Showcase and connect: A 2ha technology showcase area next to the AARP Heqdquarters and site viewing platform. With curated and regular open days, engaging industry customers and stakeholders around the latest industrial automation and robotics solutions.

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