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Through strategic industry partnerships, the AARP empowers a wide range of stakeholders with resources and support. This collaborative environment nurtures the development of cutting-edge technologies and techniques, accelerating sector-wide growth and competitiveness.

The AARP represents a significant investment by the State Government of Western Australia in innovation infrastructure. Led by DevelopmentWA, Western Australia’s central development authority, the facility has been established within a rapidly growing industrial park and will is being driven by a dynamic industry and innovator ecosystem.

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Mining & Resources

Australia is a world leader in the application of industrial robotics and automation technology. The Pilbara is home to 75% of the autonomous trucks operating globally and the world’s largest and longest autonomous trains hauling iron ore from pits to ports.

- AlphaBeta

Mining & Resources

Automation and robotics is at the forefront of a global megatrend that is set to fundamentally transform entire sectors and economies.

- AlphaBeta

Partner with the AARP

The AARP is accessible to startup, scaleup and small to medium-sized enterprises, as well as established industry for intermittent and ongoing use.


Industry partnership opportunities include:

  • Anchor Tenants, a limited number onsite with direct access to the test beds and training facilities.
  • Precinct Partners, inform and invest in the site infrastructure, equipment and capability.
  • Annual Partners, with regular test bed use and networking activities.


Partnerships provide:

  • Ready access to test and training facilities for commercial objectives
  • Rich opportunity for collaboration
  • Significant visibility opportunities
  • Proximity to talent and cutting edge research and innovation from universities and startups


Industry partners both support and benefit from innovation at the AARP. Partnerships enable access for smaller scale innovators to accelerate technology development and connect with customers.

This in turn provides collaboration, procurement and investment opportunities for industry as well as accelerating growth overall. Partnerships will enable the precinct to grow and evolve, ensuring its ongoing impact and relevance into the future.

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