Discover what’s underway at AARP

The AARP is an exciting place to be, with activities ramping up and users on site daily undertaking test and development work cross the precinct. Discover what our users are doing and how they are making the most of their technology’s potential right here.

Feature Use Case


IMDEX, the Precinct’s first major industry partner, is an ASX-listed leading global mining technology company that enables drilling contractors and resource companies to safely find, define and mine orebodies with precision and at speed. The company is headquartered in Perth and operates in all the world’s key mining regions. IMDEX will use the purpose-built precinct […]

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Solar Energy Robotics

Solar Energy Robotics is working to accelerate the clean energy transition by providing the solar industry advanced technologies that are specialised...

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Metal Gear Technologies

Metal Gear Industries is an Australian company that is developing mobile robotic platforms for mining and industrial applications. The team are using...

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RCT Global

RCT Global is a global leader in smart technology enablers, specialising in machine automation and control, data and information and protection...

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ASI Mining

Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) Mining is a US-based robotics firm with leading capability in OEM-agnostic vehicle automation systems. ASI Mining is...

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IMDEX, the Precinct’s first major industry partner, is an ASX-listed leading global mining technology company that enables drilling contractors and...

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Percepto is an industrial inspection company who are utilising AARP to test and evaluate their autonomous drone industrial inspections. Having looked...

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Hear from our users

Hear what the users of the AARP have to say

Demo Day with IMDEX and Hermes and Soteria

Demo Day with Solar Energy Robotics, SCG World and Hydratune

Mining & Resources

The ability to test and develop technology at a site like the AARP is incredibly important. To collaborate with other companies and access world class facilities so close to the city, is so valuable to us.

- Peter Campbell, CFO, Hydratune


Having a facility near a capital city gives us best of both worlds - we’re able to test in site conditions and we still have access to skilled engineers in the office.

- Ben Brayford, CEO, Solar Energy Robotics

Mining & Resources

The AARP gives us access to test our technology and simulate real world environments without having to travel hundreds of kilometres or disrupt operations. It makes testing much more viable.

- Chris Lane, Business Development Executive, RocketDNA

Mining & Resources

Sites like AARP are invaluable to our industry and to any industry. Having availability for a testing facility without having to travel to an operational site and having ground to dig and test, with autonomous driving beds just minutes from the city, is invaluable. The AARP is going to be a major part of how we go forward as a business.

- Adam Cooper, Operations Superintendent WA, IMDEX

Mining & Resources

The AARP allows us as a business to collaborate and understand what others are doing in the industry. We are also able to access to multiple clients in one location to test prove and challenge what we're doing and understand what might be even better.

- Gus Elliot, CEO, Hermes and Soteria

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