Investing in WA makes sense

Western Australia is a true powerhouse economy. As the nation’s largest state by land mass, it is proven to be a safe, secure, and efficient place to do business. Its history of strong economic growth is well-known, alongside low sovereign risk and an impressive track record of successful, stable resources and mining projects.

High profile international companies, including engineering, technology and advanced manufacturing giants, have also invested here. WA is a world leader in automation for the mining sector. The state is home to 75% of the world’s autonomous trucks, so AARP is well placed to leverage this existing WA knowledge base to advance robotics and automation development.

Connecting and collaborating worldwide

Since its 2021 launch, AARP has attracted keen interest from Australian and international businesses. The evolving world-class precinct supports connections that deliver exciting opportunities for industry. It brings together stakeholders and industry leaders critical to innovation in the field of automation and robotics. Collaboration is already taking place with users including Robotics Australia Group, METS Ignited, Amira Global, and Innovation Central Perth at Curtin University, linking their local, national and global networks, plus industry and research projects to the AARP site. AARP is also part of the Amira Global CoLab Initiative, a network of leading test and development facilities around the world which helps accelerate collaboration, research and development and commercialisation outcomes in the global mining sector.


A world-class infrastructure

WA’s modern and extensive road, rail, port, and airport infrastructure supports and services the vast state and its expansive mining, resources and agriculture sectors. WA is home to the world’s largest and longest autonomous trains. Infrastructure is consistently added and upgraded to meet strategic needs from processing to construction, logistics and service industry growth. Approximately one quarter of the world’s population is within close shipping proximity to WA, and the long coastline provides seamless links to worldwide routes.


A stable, reliable economy

WA has long proven to be a safe, secure environment for investment and business. It’s well regarded for a thriving, diverse economony, ranging from mining and agriculture, to resources, downstream processing, logistics, fabrication and maintenance, construction, and renewable technology. Consistently strong economic performance and growth, plus low sovereign risk and outstanding export figures combine to underline WA’s ‘powerhouse’ description.


A skilled, productive workforce

Wherever you do business in WA, you’re always close to a highly educated, skilled, and driven workforce. The state’s world-class education is a drawcard internationally, with universities, technical training institues, and a culture of research that supports skills development and reaching new horizons. AARP is set up to leverage and collaborate with the wealth of education and research capability that ensures they’re a powerful partner for business and industry worldwide.


A lifestyle to support business

Western Australia offers enviable opportunities to live, work, and play. The state shares a time zone with over 50% of the world’s population, primarily within Asia. So, doing business is facilitated, as is communication and collaboration with huge networks and other hubs of innovation. WA enjoys 3,200 hours of peak sunlight annually, making it a desirable place to live. The longest coastline in Australia delivers wind speeds above 7.5 metres per second. All this enables WA to harness abundant sunshine and constent wind to power today and tomorrow.

In addition to its sustainable approach, the AARP Common User Facility’s design will ensure long-term flexibility to allow the space to evolve and change with user needs.

John Carey, WA Lands Minister

Operated by CORE Innovation Hub